KSK T100 (MEN'S)

$ 66 $ 89

Formally known as the 'RAVR' and renamed in 2021 to 'KSK'. MLO is quickly gaining a reputation for our extremely bold and unique out-soles. The 'KSK' is no exception. With each and every new design we don't just think about style... Comfort and feel are also at the top of our list to ensure that every step in our shoes is an experience like you've never felt before.

The multi-layered out-sole is the perfect mix of fashion and performance. It's bold, edgy look resembles the scales of a reptile. Expertly designed to compress on impact so it provides a shock absorbing experience for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Whether standing, walking, or running, the 'KSK' is guaranteed to over deliver on performance, durability and style.

*This is a Final Sale Product

  • Breathable & form-fitting mesh upper fabric
  • High-quality textile inner-lining
  • Ultra-lightweight, Eco-Lite™, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) in-sole
  • Premium compression-molded phylon out-sole


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