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      MLO is an American based company that is 100% minority owned. CEO and Founder, Clayton "Claytano" Kanemitsu is a social media influencer and philanthropist who has used his outreach to raise awareness of global issues and donate to causes that help create a better world. He partnered with a member of Forbes 30 under 30 list and another social media influencer during the global COVID-19 pandemic to further build upon his core values and to bring them to MLO on a larger scale.

      Our goal is to give back with every pair of shoes we sell and to never take our voice, community, and influence for granted. As our customer and a member of our community, you are actively making the decision to be a part of the solution.

      In just a few short months, and with your help, MLO has been able to donate thousands of dollars to multiple causes including: CDC Response Fund, to provide life-saving equipment to healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic, NAACP Legal Defense Fund to fight against racial injustice and inequality, and CDP Recovery Fund to support those affected by the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

      Our shoes give people the strength to pull us into a better tomorrow. We are determined to redefine the luxury fashion industry by creating luxury products at affordable prices while having a purpose for everything we do as a company. 

      It's one thing to just sell shoes. It's another to begin a movement. Let's pave the future together.

      MLO - Shoes that move the world.