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Steps can be earned in many ways! By placing an order you'll earn 5 Steps for every $1.00 spent. You can even earn points by liking and sharing us on social media. 


100 Steps = $1.00. Save them up or spend them all! There's no limit to how many steps you can redeem on an order which means the sky is the limit!

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Save steps and get rewarded with shoes like the ones below!

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white low top shoe

MLO XX20 - NRG S100

One of our most technologically advanced shoes featuring the Eco-Lite™ sole. This ultra lightweight material is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The pattern of the sole flows seamlessly into the breathable lines on the upper part of the shoe and out through the shape of the tongue and cuff. With no surprise, the Motive is earning the reputation as the world's most comfortable shoe while maintaining the elegance of luxury fashion.

MLO XX21 - DNA T250

Inspired by art and freedom to represent your expression of creativity. These are sure to start a conversation wherever you go with their bold style and expert craftsmanship that goes into each pair to make the DNA the full package.

*The uniquely patterned sole of the DNA is created by hand, individually, for each pair. Exact pattern may vary slightly. Please enjoy this feature as every pair is truly one-of-a-kind.

MLO XX20 - EVO T200

The limited edition version of our popular 'NICE' design was created with all of the luxury features from our original style. However, this version features the limited edition repeating MLO patterned suede tag, along with the repeating MLO front lace design. This rare version will only be available while supplies last so don't miss out.

MLO XX20 - EVO T200

Designed to represent empowerment. Chaos and hardship, represented by the masterfully illustrated swirls in the sole that flow into the upper portion of the shoe. And victory, represented by the side panel, like a wave overcoming the darkness. Each pair is hand-crafted, therefore exact swirl pattern may vary. However, please enjoy this feature knowing that each shoe is truly one-of-a-kind


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