Exclusive Membership Program

How it works

What is MLO VIP?

MLO VIP is an exclusive membership program offered to a select number of customers. As a VIP you instantly save 20%-50% on all products and gain access to other member exclusives.

How do I sign up?

There are a limited number of spots available for MLO VIP. Complete the form below by tapping on "Become an MLO VIP" or join the waitlist to be contacted when a slot becomes available.

How do I get free shoes?

For a limited time only, we are giving new MLO VIP members a free pair of shoes upon successfully joining. They will automatically be sent to the address you provide when signing up.

Become an MLO VIP and Get a FREE Pair of Shoes

($138-$192 Value)

Instantly save 20-50% on all MLO products and gain access to other member exclusives (see full list of benefits below). Easily cancel any time after 60 days by emailing your VIP Concierge but keep the free shoes as a gift from us! Click the button below to get started!

Detailed List of All VIP Benefits

($1,000+ Value)

Guaranteed Access to New Drops/Releases 

Have you ever missed out on copping a shoe because you were at work or busy during the time it was set to drop? Or maybe you just forgot about it on accident and by the time you remembered, it was already sold out!

As an MLO VIP, we guarantee that you will get first access to new drops/releases long before they go public so you never have to worry about missing out again. But guess what! Even after the drop goes public, if you haven't gotten a pair yet, we'll hold a reserve pair in your size just for you so you can let us know at any time if you want it! How's that for VIP?

Member-Only Products

MLO has always been about creativity and unique expression through fashion and sneakers. Because of that philosophy, some of our products are exclusively available to our VIP's and will never be sold to the general public. That means these are the rarest products we make and can sometimes be limited to as little as 100 units ever made!

Member-Only Pricing

If exclusivity doesn't get you going, that's okay! We also made sure the numbers add up by including straight savings for you as an MLO VIP. We allow you to purchase any product on our site for 20-50% OFF as long as you are a VIP. This discount is basically the lowest we can actually sell our products for before we start losing money and we let you take advantage of it as often or as little as you would like. 

We know what you're thinking... "This is too good to be true. All of this for only $19.99/mo?" Well, to be completely honest, we lose money spoiling our VIP's. However, our goal is to provide you with over $1,000 back in value with hopes that you're so satisfied as an MLO VIP that you tell your friends and family about MLO!

Free Expedited Shipping

Time is money! And in this case, you get both! Never pay for expedited shipping again. Whenever we see your order come through, our team will automatically upgrade your shipping service to the fastest available option at the time. For domestic US orders, this could mean receiving your package the next day via UPS Next Day Air!

Free Returns & Exchanges

Have your eye on a specific style but not quite sure what to wear it with? MLO VIP members can relax knowing that they have free returns & exchanges! Feel free to pick something up, try it on at home, and if you don't like it, we'll pay for the shipping back to our warehouse and send you out another pair of something else free of charge. We call it no-risk shopping!

Priority Fulfillment

If exclusivity AND savings isn't already enough for you, we thought we would add in some quality of life bonuses for our MLO VIP's. Priority fulfillment is pretty straight forward. If we ever get backed up in our warehouse where it's taking longer than normal for us to package and send out products, your order will skip the line and get sent out before anyone else's! This especially comes in handy around the holidays and could be the difference between the "perfect gift", or the "late gift".

Priority Support

Similar to Priority Fulfillment, Priority Support means you skip the line. Whenever you reach out to us via email, either through the VIP concierge or general customer support, your ticket will be prioritized over other tickets no matter how backed up the queue might be. You can expect a response within minutes to an hour vs. our standard 24 hour response time.

Monthly Raffles

We've all seen them. Those people who won a sports car or an all-expenses-paid dream vacation. Well, we want to do just that for our VIP's. However, as an exclusive invite-only VIP group, your chances of actually winning our monthly prizes skyrockets! We announce one winner every month chosen from one of our VIP's. The next winner could be you!

Frequently asked questions

Why should I become an MLO VIP?

You get a free pair of shoes! ($138-$192 value)

Being an MLO VIP Member makes our low prices even lower! That means 20-50% off all products on top of any other promotions that are currently running!

With new products launched every month, you get guaranteed access to new drops and releases. We even go as far as setting aside a pair in your size just for you!

As a VIP, you also get free upgrades to expedited shipping when available, free returns and exchanges on all orders, and priority support and fulfillment, which means you jump the queue!

Of course, at MLO we like to go above and beyond so there's one more thing... Every month we run VIP giveaways with prizes ranging from free products to new cars!

What's the catch with MLO VIP?

A lot of people ask us, "What's the catch?" But there is no catch! Our goal is to give you the best looking footwear at the best prices.

How do I get my free pair of shoes?

Easy! Complete the sign up form by clicking on black "Become an MLO VIP" button aboveUpon signing up we will automatically send out a pair of shoes in your size using the details you provide. Keep in mind, the free shoes are a mystery and meant to be a surprise when you open the box at home! Be sure to record the unboxing and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #MLOVIP so we can see what style you got!

If I cancel my membership do I get to keep the shoes? 

Absolutely! Consider them a gift as a thank you for trying out MLO VIP.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?

Of course! Although we're sad to see you go, after 60 days you can cancel your MLO VIP membership at anytime!

How can I cancel my membership?

Easy! Just send a quick email to your VIP Concierge and let them know. It's that simple! We'll just ask for the reason you want to cancel to make sure we're providing the best value for all of our VIPs.

Can I rejoin if I cancel?

MLO VIP is limited to a certain number of slots available, so unfortunately, we can't guarantee that you will be able to rejoin immediately. However, you can always put your name on the waitlist to be contacted as soon as a slot becomes available again!

Why do you limit the number of people who can become an MLO VIP?

We want to make sure that we're providing our VIPs with the best experience possible. Because of that, we never want to overload our team members and potentially not be able to make good on our promises. Additionally, the prices we give our VIPs are the absolute lowest we can go which means we can't offer them to everyone. As we grow, the total number of MLO VIP members we accept will also grow, but there will always be a cap.

I heard rumors about something called MLO GOLD. What is it?

MLO GOLD is proudly the world's first and only true monthly sneaker subscription service offered by any brand! For a low monthly payment, you get a new pair of MLO shoes sent to you every month that are yours to keep forever. Much like the the 1 free pair of shoes sent in the MLO VIP program, the style and color you receive will be a surprise until you open them at your house every month.

How do I become an MLO GOLD member?

In order to be invited to MLO GOLD you must be an MLO VIP member first. As an MLO VIP you will be eligible to join the waitlist for MLO GOLD. Once a slot becomes available, and you're next in line, we will send you an exclusive invitation for the MLO GOLD membership program. If you are on the waitlist for MLO GOLD and you cancel your MLO VIP membership, you will automatically be removed from the MLO GOLD waitlist and lose your spot in the queue.